My parents just left after a nice 4-day visit. After struggling with mind-disorientation (so much to do to settle into a new house, new routine, new needs presented by my kids starting school in a new place, etc), it was nice to have my parents come and live with me for a few days. There’s nothing like having your parents come and then leave to tell you you’re “grown.” So now I’m back to feeling somewhat oriented to what I need to be doing in my adult life: working towards finishing my PhD in homiletics.

A question that surfaced while putting away the contents of an opened box: “Why is this dissertation a project within practical theology?” It had been scribbled out but was still legible. A question I need to return to, especially after my husband’s dean informed him the next opening at Boston College will be in social ethics. Instantly, the question forms: “am I a social ethicist?” like the children’s story with the little bird going to dog to bull dozer to whatever he can find asking: “are you my mother?” Trying to find where he belongs. Where do I belong as a scholar? As a person? I’m too much of a preacher at heart to do anything besides teaching preaching, worship, and serving as the director of the chapel. That happens to be a job opening in the Boston area.

But before I can start a job, I will need to have completed my exams, passed my dissertation proposal through my committee, and demonstrated that I can do some serious work on that dissertation prior to starting my job. Hopefully, I can use the momentum of the work I’ve done in coursework to help me in the writing process…

I’m feeling grown. And it’s a lot of work.

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