Quoted in Newsweek!

Friends, this is an exciting day.

First, I’m officially on sabbatical from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Which means I’m missing my amazing colleagues like crazy, and trying to figure out how to make my own schedule for writing and research. I’ve got three books I’m trying to write at once, which means I’m stressed but loving the work. I’m trying not to be on social media at all in order to focus on these projects I have in the works.

But today, I just had to tell you something: I’m in Newsweek!

Not a picture of me or anything like that. But I’m quoted. Three quotes, actually.

Nadira Hira wrote this piece for Newsweek, and it just arrived on the shelves as a feature in this week’s latest Newsweek issue, entitled “Why the Fight Against Racism has to Start with Owning It.”

The author interviewed a few folks who are nationally known, like Robin Di’Angelo (author of White Fragility), Beverly Daniel Tatum (author of Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? And other conversations about race), and Mo Amer (an American comic and former Gulf War refugee).

She also interviewed me.

When I first got her email requesting an interview, I was pretty floored. Newsweek? Interviewing me? And then we spoke on the phone for about an hour one week later, and she was thoughtful and engaging and asked me great questions.

And now the article is in print.

And my name is in it.

And I’m freaking out. It’s both super exciting and super scary. (What about trolls? Will more people be contacting me to talk to them? I’m already behind in my deadlines! And can I handle the emotional strain of mean people responding to what I said?) Perhaps it’s a normal feeling, maybe it’s borderline social phobia, but this kind of thing terrifies me.

But I wanted to share it with you, because it is also exciting. And it’s a really great article. Nadira Hira is an excellent writer and she shares from her own experiences, so read the article to support her work. Go out and buy a copy of Newsweek, and then share it with your friends.

And thank you for your support–for your interest and commitment to anti-racism work and the ways you are trying to make a difference where you are. This work takes all of us. So thanks for what you do.


2 thoughts on “Quoted in Newsweek!

  1. This is phenomenal! Congratulations, Carolyn! Did they mention your book? I haven’t seen the article yet.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. blyonschalicepress August 26, 2019 — 9:30 am


    My apologies I couldn’t turn around a response quickly on Saturday. I was running late for a memorial service for Joey Jeter, the homiletics professor at Brite Divinity School and Chalice author whose legacy will outlive us all.

    That was a GREAT set of quotes. SO GLAD you had a great experience. We’ll be sure to share this out on social media soon.

    And HAPPY SABBATICAL!!! When you have a moment, we’d love to hear what you’re planning to do. And catching up on sleep is perfectly acceptable.

    Thanks, Brad



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